Hotel Networks

If you own or manage a hotel or apartment complex in the Canary Islands and wish to offer your guests a leading Internet and communication service, all you need to do is contact us.

WiFi4all specializes in the installation and administration of networks for hotels and apartment complexes. We use market-leading equipment to build the right network for your clients' needs.

Contact us and an account manager will contact you to arrange a technical study and a customized quote for you.


Fibre solutions for hotels

Customized solutions

Installing a next-generation fiber network gives you and your guests access to a new world of speed and network services.

As our lifestyles become increasingly intertwined with the Internet, we have growing demands and expectations that we should be able to access what we want, when we want.  No matter how satisfied they are with the rest of their stay, a bad Internet experience will lead to negative criticism and loss of customer loyalty.  With a WiFi4all fibre optic network installation, excellent coverage can be offered throughout the hotel.

Hotels benefit from guest satisfaction and their ability to manage all IT services on the same platform.

The fibre network is compatible with next-generation television solutions, including interactive and smart television systems. WiFi4all installs and manages these solutions.

Virtual Switchboard
The days of expensive and old-fashioned investments in telephone switchboards are over. A fiber network supports complete virtual switchboard solutions. WiFi4all has industry-leading switching and management systems to support these services.

WiFi4all can install security and surveillance systems that benefit from an installed fibre network.

  • Network enhancements provide an immediate return on investment.