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What is it? 

GCC is an application that contains basic hotel information, allows a hotel to communicate with guests through its own devices, improves the image of the hotel and communication at the desired times. It allows an analysis of the guest's behavior and gives visibility to services, activities and suggestions of the hotel so that the experience of its guests is improved.


Hotel Information - all hotel information is included in the application. Even a Navigate to hotel option where you open the GPS of your mobile device and show the way to the hotel in case you get lost or don't speak the language when you board a taxi or bus.

Hotel Comunications - notifications are the strongest link the hotel can create with the customer. You can promote events inside and outside the hotel such as theme dinners, shows or invite your guests to rebook their next vacation with the hotel. Even if the client is not in the perimeter of the hotel the application has the ability to segment its users and send different messages as intended by the hotel.

Hotel Amenities - Information about all the services available in the hotel with all the basic information such as timetables, description, prices, ...

Hotel Daily Activities - Calendar where we show the activities inside the hotel every day and hour so that the guest can plan their vacation as they like.


There is also a module of international press and time, reservation of activities for the client to enjoy boat trips, theme parks and a gallery where you can view some photos of the hotel.

The branding of your hotel will be present in your application, you can give the name of the hotel to the application and adopt the image (logo and corporate color) of the hotel. Each menu has a personalized cover photo. The Social Media accesses are incorporated with the icons of Facebook, Twitter, etc so that the client has direct access to the social networks of the hotel.

The application is built in a modular way to activate or not the modules intended by the hotel. The maintenance is based on a fairly simple and intuitive control panel, available to anyone with experience in technologies.

The app allows you to promote your services since the customer makes a reservation from any tool, being the responsibility of the hotel send an email with a QR code for example to download the application on the fly. The customer's experience begins at that moment.


Advantages of GCC

  • Improve the quality of your communication with the client.
  • Study the behavior of your guests.
  • Adapt the content of communications according to what you want to promote on a particular day/location to a particular type of customer.
  • Reach more customers.
  • Opportunity for more frequent contact between clients and hotel.
  • Let the client decide when to read a previously sent notification.
  • Encourage the client to leave good reviews about their experience.
  • Give the client access to relevant information.
  • Create one more hotel conversation milestone between the guest and his/her friends or family.
  • Increase hotel profits.

Improvements in the next versions...

  • Integration of the hotel reservation engine.
  • Near by - information on relevant services in the area such as pharmacies, hospitals, ATMs.
  • Feedback with a survey to evaluate the experience.
  • Chat for direct communication with the hotel.
  • More attractive design.


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